Let’s take a moment and think…

A lifetime dedicated to outrun each other ,A generation trained to look down at others, Business targeting to divide us by class There is this maddening drive in us to surpass. But now that life has paused for most of us.. Let’s take a moment and think, Let’s take a moment and take a viewContinue reading “Let’s take a moment and think…”

Being a student after all these years

Loaded with thoughts I feel my brain will burst, All these concepts of Psychology Seem to just bite the dust. Someone tell these teachers you better teach what you preach, Bombarding us with mindless tasks is only making my mind screech. Pretending to be alert I have definitely polished my acting skills, shutting off myContinue reading “Being a student after all these years”

Loneliness amongst New moms!

It’s finally the weekend…while leaving from work I see happy faces, people making plans to go out…movies…parties..catching up with friends…or binge watching some stuff on Netflix.I try to sneek out hurriedly from work as for me “its my time to be with my baby” ..I know it sounds rosy..like the “awww” feel but it mayContinue reading “Loneliness amongst New moms!”

Is Perfect ka pressure overpowering our original self?

I am 33, mother to a toddler boy and married for 6 years. While getting ready for work (if at all I have time) the first thing I do is cover up my dark circles, look at my skin and feel sorry for myself for not taking care of it but again dab a lotContinue reading “Is Perfect ka pressure overpowering our original self?”