Mom, be a girl again! – Happy Mothers day

You know over the years, I have become quite cynical about these “women’s day/Mother’s day” concepts, it all had started to seem to like some conspiracy to just make you feel all special and awesome for a day and then push you back to that typical life you dread. I won’t say it has stoppedContinue reading “Mom, be a girl again! – Happy Mothers day”

Life in the times of Corona!

This week seems unreal to me.Well I have been home for the past week and in ordinary circumstances I would have been thrilled to get a break from the non stop errands and piles of work and like with no definite date to join back.. but wait…this is a different kind of vacation, it isContinue reading “Life in the times of Corona!”

Rediscovering my Pehchaan!

In the last few months, I came across some exceptionally wonderful women in my life but they all had the same problem – they felt they are loosing their identity or have already lost it. It was a dire need to rediscover it for them and I on the other hand felt very sure ofContinue reading “Rediscovering my Pehchaan!”

Mujhe sab nahi pata..Yes I am a mom and also Human!

I have been wanting to write about this since the time I saw that all out campaign video and it stayed with me. It was so painfully true…the helplessness of the mother who had this pressure on her head that she’s supposed to know it all and how can she go wrong..and its an everydayContinue reading “Mujhe sab nahi pata..Yes I am a mom and also Human!”

You’ve got this not quit!

There will be days when you just want to give up…run away and feel like there is no weight on your shoulders. You hear people shout and you shout back even louder (thinking in your mind – Do you even realize what I have been dealing with).Days when you feel like your life is aContinue reading “You’ve got this not quit!”

Dealing with the Working Mom Guilt!

Surely we read about it during our pregnancy, had a chat or two with our friends who had experienced it..but did we ever realize it will hit us so hard? I remember the day I got my offer letter after a good 1.5 year maternity break and I was feeling on top of the world.Continue reading “Dealing with the Working Mom Guilt!”

Loneliness amongst New moms!

It’s finally the weekend…while leaving from work I see happy faces, people making plans to go out…movies…parties..catching up with friends…or binge watching some stuff on Netflix.I try to sneek out hurriedly from work as for me “its my time to be with my baby” ..I know it sounds the “awww” feel but it mayContinue reading “Loneliness amongst New moms!”