Embracing the “New Normal”

It’s been almost 3 months since we woke up to the nightmare named”COVID-19″.In last two months, we have witnessed unprecedented loss of lives, people losing their livelihoods, the exodus of daily wage labourers who had no option but to go back to their hometowns and villages and a lot mental and emotional unrest in peopleContinue reading “Embracing the “New Normal””

Before the Coffee gets cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi – Book Review

When I read this line at the very beginning of the book, my mind was exploded with possibilities and to think of it, I have a long list of people I would want to meet (some pending slaps, closures, goodbye hugs what not to do) and so I started this book with a hell lotContinue reading “Before the Coffee gets cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi – Book Review”

Mom, be a girl again! – Happy Mothers day

You know over the years, I have become quite cynical about these “women’s day/Mother’s day” concepts, it all had started to seem to like some conspiracy to just make you feel all special and awesome for a day and then push you back to that typical life you dread. I won’t say it has stoppedContinue reading “Mom, be a girl again! – Happy Mothers day”

Book Review: Educated – Tara Westover

When I started this book, I was still hungover from the one I was reading before, so it took me some time to actually adapt myself to Tara’s world. I actually read the first 2 chapters twice to be able to absorb the context. I found this whole idea of a family in the US,Continue reading “Book Review: Educated – Tara Westover”

My Question to you!

When the world has shrunk and everybody stays home, trying to be safe from this virus the duration of this lockdown is still unknown! My mind is full questions it never stops thinking about, how good were those 5/10 year plans everybody would ask me about? We all are at the mercy of a handfulContinue reading “My Question to you!”

The Forty Rules of Love – by Elif Shafak

I am not a critique or a regular book reviewer, but this book forced me to write about it. First of all, I guess the timing for me to read this one could not have been better as we are all locked up in our homes, these are indeed testing times and have immense potentialContinue reading “The Forty Rules of Love – by Elif Shafak”

Let’s take a moment and think…

A lifetime dedicated to outrun each other ,A generation trained to look down at others, Business targeting to divide us by class There is this maddening drive in us to surpass. But now that life has paused for most of us.. Let’s take a moment and think, Let’s take a moment and take a viewContinue reading “Let’s take a moment and think…”

Life in the times of Corona!

This week seems unreal to me.Well I have been home for the past week and in ordinary circumstances I would have been thrilled to get a break from the non stop errands and piles of work and like with no definite date to join back.. but wait…this is a different kind of vacation, it isContinue reading “Life in the times of Corona!”