My Question to you!

When the world has shrunk
and everybody stays home,
trying to be safe from this virus
the duration of this lockdown is still unknown!

My mind is full questions
it never stops thinking about,
how good were those 5/10 year plans
everybody would ask me about?

We all are at the mercy of a handful of people
many of those who never plan beyond a day,
That garbage man, the delivery boys, the cleaners, the fruit and vegetable vendors
the people who were invisible back then,
when our own aspirations have come to a stand still, is when our eyes opened to truly see them.

We spend our lives worrying about the future
but did we ever plan for this day?
Saving leaves through the year,
we planned our holidays
squeezing time away from life,
we worked non stop to spend quality time on a vacay!!

And here we are, when countries have sealed their borders and you can barely move out of your house,
the malls have lost their charm and so has the designer stuff we went crazy about,
there are no parties to attend and flaunt your achievements,
weigh your choices…and the reasons that made you choose what you did.
Was all that worth it…is my question to you!

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