Life in the times of Corona!

This week seems unreal to me.Well I have been home for the past week and in ordinary circumstances I would have been thrilled to get a break from the non stop errands and piles of work and like with no definite date to join back.. but wait…this is a different kind of vacation, it is Coronacation!

We cannot really go out unless our life depends on it, we start the day with the news and the count of people tested positive for “COVID-19”, a standard reaction is like “Oh gosh! The numbers are practically doubling every alternate day now.” I keep checking my phone for any update on the data and probably would have read a 100 articles on how to deal with Corona, how to avoid it, how to stay safe etc etc…but I am still scared! It’s the first time I am experiencing anything like this in life and guess that holds true for most of us…a fear for real..for our loved ones..for us!

What has helped me so far is trying to get myself in a routine so that I don’t just sit aimlessly in front of the TV and worry. So I thought to brighten up my day and possibly yours too let me share what good has happened over the last few days:

1. My room has finally started to look like a room after a long time (it mostly looks like a bombed site with things all over) so I spend time in cleaning one corner of my room everyday and it also keeps my kid engaged.

2.My balcony looks prettier…I have got some 20 odd flower pots to have something nice to look at when I am practically locked we usually start our day with watering these plants and taking care of them.

3.I have started to clean my bathroom everyday trying to make it shine like we see in advertisements (still a long way to go but given the time frame I am sure I’ll get there)

4.My cupboards are finally organized (which means I able to find clothes which I intend to, not like you wear what you manage to find types). I will certainly not do this everyday but yeah it’s more like cleaning one section at a time.

5.Me and my son have done lots of painting together and

6.I even tried baking today ( don’t ask what it turned out to be) though my little kiddo loved eating whatever it was and that made me really happy! Sharing a pic of what I desired it to be

I really don’t know how long is it going to take for our world to get back to the way it was…I really don’t know when will we get to be back at work and meet our friends…I don’t know when will my kid get back to school because he really misses it…but while we are at home…let’s just do all that stuff we always plan to do but never have the time to do…you know chores, activities, calling up friends or parents, taking naps like really long ones which we always dream of…and let’s not forget our books and cooking! Take it as a break like “Vipasana”…away from all the worldly pleasures and try to find what makes you happy even when you can’t go out and loose yourself. It’s an opportunity to spend time with yourself!

Stay at home…help control the spread…make the most of your time and spread the love whatever way you can 😀

4 thoughts on “Life in the times of Corona!

  1. “Direct dil se…dil ko” is what I will call your style of writing. Loved reading each word. So simple and light yet so honest and endearing. Our own Twinkle Khanna is the making. 💕

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