Goodbye to the year of many firsts!

2019…it’s going to be a year I will remember for good!

I started this blog, left my job, went back to studies, met some amazing people, started writing poems after ages, it was also like a flashback of my school days as I went to practice teaching as a part of my course, my first solo trip after being a mom, my first treck, my first rappelling experience, my first paintings in may be over 15 years, my first android phone (it was hard to move away from apple but I don’t regret it now), my first attempt at gardening, my first winter boots (yes I finally own a pair) but most important of all my first step towards being open about how I really feel – whether it was about my past life or situations at present, this has been a landmark achievement for me, to be able to express how I feel – to my loved ones and to my friends. Situations where otherwise I would have put up an excuse, I was transparent as I trusted my friends to understand and the same with my family too.


One of my blogs last year I hope 2019 will be my year! mentioned “I hope this year you give up all your doubts, accept yourself as you are and love yourself more than anyone..I hope you smile looking at your reflection and not feel pity..and that smile reaches your eyes” and looking back I feel immense gratitude to have experienced this. I also realized that it wouldn’t have been possible for me to achieve it unless I trusted myself completely and the people around me. Whether it was about trusting my husband to get my son ready for school while I was off to my school, trusting my kid to stay without me when I went for my trip, trusting my family to take good care of him while I was away…none of this would have been possible until I had that faith that they all mean good and they will not disappoint me.

So many times we just end up taking up everything on ourselves, because we feel nobody can do it better than us, especially when it comes to taking care of kids.I was also in the same league but I am more than happy to now see myself moving away from this opinion. It also helps in making people less dependent on you, thus leading to more time to work on things you really want to do. Like I got to read a countless number of books this year which was a big high for me (which also kept me away from my blog) and all the firsts I mentioned above were made possible (ok you can keep the shopping bit out of this).


As always (as you know I love to sum up my write-ups by now) here are a few words which sum the past year for me:

As this wonderful year comes to an end lets take a quick flashback of how amazing has it been…a year of many firsts…a year of conquering our fears…a year or following our passion…a year of taking baby steps…a year of discovering our superpowers…a year of new beginnings…a year of new bondings…a year of crying our hearts out…a year of sharing our deepest secrets…a year of having faith in all of us…my heart is filled with gratitude for the magic I experienced this year thanks to the love and warmth of my family and friends and most of all my little angel!

I wish the new year brings you closer to your dreams…gives you the strength to move ahead when you need to…warmth of your loved ones when you feel low and success for all the hard work you do!

Happy New Year and cheers to many more firsts!!

One thought on “Goodbye to the year of many firsts!

  1. Amazing article… it reminds me of that real shilpi.. the way she was in her college days njoying her life to fullest.. doing what she wants to do.
    I wish all ur dreams come true and u always be happy like this..

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