Mujhe sab nahi pata..Yes I am a mom and also Human!


I have been wanting to write about this since the time I saw that all out campaign video and it stayed with me. It was so painfully true…the helplessness of the mother who had this pressure on her head that she’s supposed to know it all and how can she go wrong..and its an everyday scenario for mothers isn’t it? The questions are asked from our own family …”arre tumhaare hote hue ye kaise ho gaya”? I’m sorry but am I supposed be GOD…I am a mother yes but I am also Human…I can’t possibly control everything in my child’s life.

We try our best to make things work for our kids,to give them a seamless experience but yes we are all learning in the process too.I didn’t know my son is allergic to curd.He loved it and I gave it to him happily.Only later I realized he was getting his constant cough due to this allergy so I stopped but yes I have faced those months of endless anxiety and sleepless nights when he coughed through the night and all I could do was hug him close and try to make him sleep.I have also heard people warn me against using nebulizer for my kid…but when you see your kid in such pain and your trusted doctor says that’s the best way.I will go for it.I may be wrong for a lot of people and I have also got the looks from a lot of aunties who feel I am not capable enough to take care of my child but over the years I have definitely learned one thing…do hell with them.


You may have all the time to judge me…but I have a human to raise and teach him values and sensitivity which seems to be clearly missing in a lot of people around us.I may have made mistakes and can still make them in future – but as a human I feel its my right to make mistakes and learn. I will do every possible thing to keep my baby safe and I do not need anyone’s validation for that.

Mommies my only message to you is do not take this pressure get to are doing your best and with time you will get better as the babies will grow up.Mother nature has equipped us in every way to take care of our little one’s like nobody else it’s ok if something didn’t work the way you thought it will…it’s ok if you didn;t know how to go about a certain situation…we are all learning here and trust me – You’ve got this! Everytime you rise above what didn’t work and try to make things better…your kids are learning the same – to not give up, to keep trying and to be open about accepting that yes I am not perfect and I am still a work in progress..and I am proud of that 🙂






2 thoughts on “Mujhe sab nahi pata..Yes I am a mom and also Human!

  1. Excellent blog Shilpa, though I have been a mom for only 3 and half months but I can relate to all your posts. Your writing is so real and honest. Kudos👍

    1. Thank u Mansha! Means a lot coming from u…n I thought it was really important to share this one given the pressure we have on our heads to raise prefect babies 🙂 u know what I mean.

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