You’ve got this not quit!


There will be days when you just want to give up…run away and feel like there is no weight on your shoulders. You hear people shout and you shout back even louder (thinking in your mind – Do you even realize what I have been dealing with).Days when you feel like your life is a total wreck and there is no way out.Days you lock yourself in the bathroom and cry…when you are lying down in your bed and can’t do anything but stare at the ceiling wondering what has life become?

While in my fellowship with Teach for India, I used to hear this word “Grit” a lot. I don’t think I really did understand the true meaning of this word until I became a mother, as for us – it’s a way of life – Grit & Grace. We have to be at it ensuring your kid is eating right…potty training…restricting sweet intake…or any kind of an act where they feel we are monsters Live in action and they try to make that cute face to melt our hearts or that sorry cry to make us feel like we are worst possible parents. If we fall into the trap there goes a week long effort into the drain.

If you happen to be a toddler mum, my heart goes out for you, as they can just make you feel like the most helpless person in the world..if they decide to do so. You’ve heard of mood swings…but you’ve got to see “Toddler Mood swings”. They’ll make you run around for Thing A and the moment you get that, they suddenly will throw a tantrum about how disgusting it is and now they will suddenly want Thing B and you will be like pulling your hair apart.

There are days when you are willing and happy to deal with it…but the more often kind of a scenario is when you just cannot handle this. You want to scream at the top of your voice and if you by any chances happen to do so…you will hear a sound louder than your’s making you wonder why on earth did you even consider having a child…or can I have him/her up for adoption?

Despite this madness and pulling our hair, every time you take your kid to the loo despite their endless retaliation, you reinforce this need to give up diapers. Every time you tell him not to drink soda, you reinforce that it’s not good for them. Before we even realize they start living these habits, even when we are not around.Our hard work pays off, when they themselves say No to a thing you would not let them have. Nobody will do this but you Mama. Nobody will chose to be the one being shouted at, handle a crying fit or clean up the mess your kids will make when you do not give in to their wishes. Nobody will stay up at night, looking at their faces, feel sorry for making them cry but chose to stick to the right thing.You will chose the best for your baby, even the habits, which will go a long way.

It may feel like you are being too harsh on your baby and yourself, but when you in your  heart know it’s for the better…stick to it. Always remember the times when we hated our mum’s for all the spanking we got, but eventually that made us who we are today. Had she not been strong enough to say “No” to us then, we would never had realize the value of the stuff we eventually earned or got…and if you say a “Yes” to everything your baby wants, you know he/she is in for trouble.

The days you feel defeated, let down, weak, incapable – you remember it’s a momentary feeling. Every time you feel you are about to burst, every time you want to cry your heart out, every time you feel like quitting look at the tiny human you just brought into this world….every action we do, is like a life lesson for them..You are the mom…you are the hero your kid looks are the one they trust and every time we show grit…we send out this message – “You see little fellow…We’ve got this!”

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