Is Perfect ka pressure overpowering our original self?

I am 33, mother to a toddler boy and married for 6 years. While getting ready for work (if at all I have time) the first thing I do is cover up my dark circles, look at my skin and feel sorry for myself for not taking care of it but again dab a lot of make up to make it look fresh and glowing. The more frequent scene is when I am just barely managing to reach office in time and at times people end up asking me “Are you not keeping well?” and I am like yeah..sort of (clear message – you need make up).

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine and he generally asked me to share a recent pic of mine and the first thing that came to my mind was – “OMG! a pic now..I look like a hair is such a mess” so I simply gave him some excuse and did not share my pic just because I no longer feel confident about sharing myself as I am with people.

When I go on a holiday or even a dinner out somewhere, I click hundred’s of pics but do I share them all on Facebook/Instagram? I surely get the security concerns so right we shouldn’t be sharing it all but is it only that what stops us? No. It’s much more deeper.

The recent ad from Idea has captured this message so beautifully – “Perfect ka pressure hatao” – We are all striving to be perfect, the way we look, the way the world sees us. Perfection is amazing, but does it mean that we get so obsessed with it that we forget our real selves and just pretend to be someone we are no way close to? As we grow old, our bodies change, our face changes too and instead of embracing this change all we want to do is cover it up.I have been one of these people too lately spending endlessly on cosmetics to ensure my looks remain intact (at least in public/social media).

I am not against make up or anything but the problem arises when we get too dependent on it, or too conscious about the way we look that we try to hide our natural self by editing pictures or just putting a tad of concealer even at home to cover up. What made me wake up to this was this article I read about an Instagram account – #greyhairdontcare and trust me I have spent half my life worrying about my grey hair as I got them fairly early in life. And then we keep getting these make up tutorial posts on our facebook walls and I see so many of my friends following and liking these which actually makes me wonder…do they actually get time to try all of this? I guess not but they still feel the need to follow.

This new year, that’s one resolution I have taken, No makeup is the way to go! #realwalipic #iamnotperfect #beyourself #embraceyourbeauty #justmeIMG_5987









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